1. Move to Austin, Texas and live in the Flux content-creation house.

2. Create content with our team for a flexible full content creation schedule.

3. Be available for bonus content filming & work sessions.

4. Be open to creating uncensored paid content on NTWK.

5. Create exclusive content for our paid monetization channels.

6. Attend weekly feedback and update meeting.

7. Attend photo/video shoots and premium content-creation work sessions.

8. Attend company-scheduled outings and other networking events.

✓ Content creation per day as needed
✓ Attendance as needed depending on booking & events
✓ Attendance per week depending on content schedules

Office Space & Commute:
Content is created on-site in the Flux house and workspace.


Be Consistent - Flux creators are required to show up on time during the scheduled hours, and attend weekly meetings, sessions and other events in a timely manner.

Be Authentic - Flux creators must genuinely care about engaging their fans, connecting with them, and sharing their own unique personality in an authentic and sustainable way.

Be Professional - Flux is a for-profit enterprise and must be funded by our revenues. Flux creators must work together with management to meet financial goals. Converting our audience into paid subscriptions and paid premium content must be a thoughtful goal.

Be Flexible - Flux creators need to be are flexible. Sometimes we’ll have a last minute trip to events, surprise photoshoots, or private networking. We are not complacent, and we’re always striving to grow. Sometimes things will not go as expected... an attitude to embrace change is key to achieve success.

Be Growth Oriented - Flux creators leave their ego at the door. We welcome growth and critical feedback. We’re all on the same team. Flux creators attend  weekly feedback and update meeting to discuss what is going well and what can be improved. Embrace change enthusiastically, and more importantly encourage and drive it.

Be a Team Player - We strive to create strong relationships between all our creators so that everyone feels comfortable to contribute in every way they can. This allows us to have a diversity of ideas, opinions, and viewpoints that give us a better chance of succeeding and making a positive impact as a company. We must work together and collaborate for everyone’s success - leave drama by the wayside for lasting success and a positive working environment as a team. Be genuinely nice to each other - the popularity of your teammates ends up as more in your pocket too!

Be Passionate - Passion is the fuel that will drive us and our companies forward. We’re inspired to accomplish what we’re doing because we believe in it. Flux creators must be in love with the idea to work through the challenges and difficulties of entertainment.