One-on-One VIP Private Gaming Session (1 Hour)

Want to game with Maria, Kate or Ashley ONE on ONE?

We're so excited to announce that we now offer exclusive VIP sessions :)

These exclusive sessions are for you if...

You want to hang out with [Streamer's name] and get to know her[me[]] on a deeper level past watching her on stream!

You want to give back to [Streamer's name] and hang out over your favorite game.

Each VIP sessions includes:

- 1 hour of exclusive game time with Maria, Kate, or Ashley.

- Chat over audio and video: You'll use a private Discord server to video chat while playing your favorite game.

- You're in control. You will choose the game you'll play, what music you want to listen to, and more.

- Personal Video Recording: Once you've finished your session, you will receive your own private video recording of it to remember.


We're so busy! We only have three, one hour slots available per day. 

Choose your desired date time for a session below! <3